Si Si Wang 


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        Modeling Career 模特生涯


SiSi was discovered at 16 and she left for NYC to pursue her modeling career after graduating high school. During the next ten years, SiSi traveled throughout North America and Europe, continued to worked for creative/editorial photo shoots and fashion shows as a way to express her passion for art, fashion and photography.

思思16岁被温哥华知名模特经纪人Liz Bell发掘,18岁到独自一人到纽约发展模特事业,又在19岁的生日那天抵达米兰并开始了米兰与巴黎的模特之旅。在之后十年的模特生涯中,她走遍北美与欧洲,不断地以拍摄时尚片及走时装秀来表达她对艺术、时尚及摄影的激情。




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