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                                   About SiSi Wang


SiSi was born in Beijing, and raised in Vancouver, Canada after moving from China.    She began her professional modeling career at age 16, discovered by the local modeling agent Liz bell.   SiSi traveled extensively between metropolitan fashion capitals working as a fashion model.

In her decade long career as a professional model, SiSi has completed work for several international clients, including “CHANEL”, “Clairol”, “Converse”, "Yahoo", “Samsung”, KMS Hair”, ALDO COPPOLA”, “Bootlegger”.  She has also completed shoots for several well-known, fashion, magazine editorials, such as “Mademoiselle”, Italian “Donna”, Italian “YES”, “BLINK”, etc.

2 weeks before September 11th, 2001, SiSi left New York City and moved back to Vancouver to continue her education at Simon Fraser University.

In 2005, SiSi won the ITM modeling competition in Canada and traveled to San Ya, China for the 16th Annual New Silk Road contest.  She was the first Chinese Canadian contestant in 16 years to represent Canada.  She competed in China’s New Silk Road Model Look 2005 and won 3rd place.

In 2006, SiSi became the first Chinese Canadian contestant on the television show “Canada’s Next Top Model”, winning 3rd place in Season One.

Upon completion of her bachelor's degree in communication, SiSi worked as a Public Relations Associate and an Investor Relations Associate for two separate Chinese Canadian public companies. She has also been writing her own fashion columnist for the North American edition of New Lady magazine for the past 5 years. 

After a decade of traveling and being inspired by those around her, SiSi recently moved back to her hometown Beijing to explore her passions for fashion, food, traveling, and sports marketing.






18岁高中毕业后,思思独自一人搬到纽约追求自己国际T台的梦想,慢慢的开始以纽约为中心巡回在纽约、多伦多及米兰等时尚之都拍摄各种国际品牌平面广告及走秀"CHANEL香奈儿", "Converse匡威", "SAMSUNG三星手机", "Yahoo雅虎",“Clairol伊卡璐”,“KMS发型系列”,百家店 " Parker Place"形象代言,也曾为意大利著名时尚杂志 "Donna”, “Yes”,美国Mademoiselle”  加拿大BLINK"等多本时尚杂志拍摄全版彩页 。


2006年王思思作为加拿大首位华裔选手参加超热电视节目首届加拿大超模大赛(Canada's Next Top Model),并在比赛中获得第三名, 成为连锁Next Top Model超模大赛(美法德国等)11个国家中首位进入三强的纯亚裔选手。

毕业于加拿大名校Simon Fraser University (SFU)大学的大众传媒系(Communications), 前后在两家加拿大工业/矿业上市公司里担任投资者关系/管理等职位








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